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Education and Training

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PI: Eric S. McLamore

Associate Professor
Dr. McLamore is a professor of Bioengineering at the University of Florida in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Dr. McLamore is the PI of the NanoBiosensors lab, a Fulbright Fellow, and UF Field to Fork Faculty Fellow, and the USDA/APLU National New Teacher of the Year (2017).
Dr. McLamore's work focuses on development and application of nanobiosensors for rapid monitoring and/or diagnostics of small molecules, viruses, and bacteria. These sensors are applied for supporting planetary health research, which is at the nexus of agricultural, environmental, and public health.
Many of our research projects are part of the Global Alliance for Rapid Diagnostics

Research Scientist

Birck Nanotechnology Center

Bindley Bioscience Center (2010)

Post Doc

Environmental Engineering

Purdue University (2009)             

Ph.D., Environmental Engineering,

Purdue University (2008);

advisors: MK Banks and DM Porterfield

M.S., Environmental Engineering

Texas Tech University, 2004 

advisors: WA Jackson and A Morse

B.S., Civil Engineering

Texas Tech University, 2004                   

Lab Overview
We build sensors and biosensors for measuring small molecules, viruses and cells. Our sensors are used in a wide range of planetary health applications.
​Please feel free to stop by the lab or contact any of our lab members. We would love to hear from you!
Our project leaders are listed below. Details of our team and collaborators can be found on the team page

Victoria Morgan

ABE graduate fellow

Project Lead:

Artisinal gold mining

Heavy metal sensing, Risk analysis

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Dong photo_1.jpeg

Dong Xiang 

Project Lead:

Biomimetic Entropic Patterning

Bacteria sensing

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Nick Cavallaro

ABEGSO President

Project Lead:

Food safety

Bacteria sensing

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Yifan photo_1.jpeg

Yifan Tang 

Project Lead:

Biomimetic Entropic Patterning

Neonicitinoid sensing

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Schedule of lab meetings

Lab meetings are from 3:00-4:00 in Frazier Rogers Hall room 201 (open to public!)


















Safety Refresher and Lab Walkthrough/Cleanup

Eric McLamore

Museum Event Follow up 

Safety Inspection

General meeting

Eric McLamore

Victoria Morgan (PhD student)

Holiday-Spring Break

Nicholas Cavallaro (PhD candidate)

Enoch Kuo (University Scholar)

Zoe Davis (McNair Scholar);

Yifan Tang (MS student)

Dong Xiang (MS student)

Kelli McCourt (UG student)

Lab cookout-end of spring semester

Templates for posters

Calendar for tool use in lab (FR 153)

Links to google calendars for tool use are below. Sign up for the tool at least 24 hours in advance if you plan to use it

Calendar to use BASi C-3 Cell stand (link)

Calendar to use eDAQ ERZ101 EIS (link)

HTPOW UV Laser Engraver (link)

Material request

Please list any materials that you wish to purchase here

google doc for materials (link)

Interested in working in our group?

Group documents

Nanobiosensors for Planetary Health