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​ABE 4043C: Senior Design II​​​​

The senior capstone design project in ABE teaches students how to apply the engineering design process by comprehensive hands-on experience, prepares students how to effectively communicate design needs and accomplishments with clients, suppliers, peers, and managers by means of verbal and written communication, and prepares students for dealing with non-technical (social, economic, legal, aesthetic) aspects related to engineering design.​​

​Congrats to team SERB, the winner of the 2018 Senior Design Showcase 

Team SERB from left to right: Eduardo Carrascal, Rachel Lo, Dr. Kati Migliaccio, Bryan Gutierrez, and Shar Siddiqui. Advisor Kati Migliaccio is in the center. 

Team SERB developed a Water-Related Extension and Irrigation Scheduling Calculator together with Dr. Kati Migliaccio. 

The goal of the project was to provide irrigation consultancy services to an organic farm in Florida with the aim of improving the current irrigation practices and infrastructure of the farm while complying with water management district standards. The team developed a spreadsheet tool to quantitatively analyze the current water supply requirements of the farm, calculating water supply for expected consumption needs of the crops, recommending effective irrigation schedules, and optimizing water delivery to the crops.

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Student Videos

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