Recent Fellows!

All students in the course prepare an application for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (regardless of eligibility), and eligible students submit the application in October after multiple cycles of peer review in the course. Students typically submit multiple fellowship applications for external support after completing the class to various organizations. Awardees of NSF GRFP, other proposals, and a history of past students can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Congrats to all the winners!!

​Congrats to Shar Siddiqui, winner of the NSF GRFP in the 2018 cycle! Shar will join the Kaplan lab at UF to begin her PhD program.

​Congrats to Rachel Lo for honorable mention in the NSF GRFP 2018 cycle! Rachel will attend grad school at Oxford in the fall.

​Congrats to Deanna Bousalis for honorable mention in the NSF GRFP 2018 cycle! Deanna is working with the Schmidt lab at UF in BME.

Previous winners

•2017 class

–Shar Siddiqui (PI: Kaplan-Env. Eng.): NSF Fellow

–Rachel Lo: (PI: Migliaccio-ABE): NSF Fellow

–Deanna Bousalis (PI: Schmidt-BME): NSF Fellow

•2016 class

–Ziynet Boz Ozdemir (PI: Welt-ABE): Fulbright Fellow

–Kathleen Vazquez (PI: Havelaar-Anim. Sci.): Water Institute Fellow

–John Hursh (PI: McLamore-ABE): DoD-NRL Fellow

•2015 class

–Shannon Brown (PI: Sharma-BME): NSF Fellow

–Joe Sagues (PI: Tong-ABE): UF Informatics Institute Fellow

•2014 class

–Christopher Hwang (PI Correll-ABE): Bourlag Fellow

•2013 class

–Jonathan Adam Watson (PI Bucklin-ABE): Sustainable Agric. Research & Education Fellow

•2012 class

–Natalie Nelson (PI Munoz-Carpena-ABE): NSF Fellow

•2011 class

–Diana Vanegas (PI:Texeira-ABE): Colciencias y Colfuturo Fellow

–Yogesh Kare (PI: Martinez-ABE): American Geophysical Union Fellow

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