Fundamentals and Applications of Nanobiosensors

ABE 4033/5038

This is a course which offers students from a variety of backgrounds (undergraduates, graduates, engineering major, non-engineering major) the opportunity to learn about about how sensors that incorporate biological materials and nanomaterials (i.e., nanobiosensors) are used. The course provides a broad introduction to the field of sensors, focusing on electrochemical and optical methods, as well as fundamental design and performance analysis. During the 2nd half of the course, applications within the areas of agriculture, environment, and human health are demonstrated through a series of informal lab and field experiments.


The course focuses on (left) electrochemical transduction  and (right) optical transduction to demonstrate core sensor principles. 


Field experiments and lab studies are used to demonstrate applications of sensors in a range of agricultural, environmental, and human health scenarios.

Nanobiosensors for Planetary Health